Upper Key Stage Two


Hi, welcome to our class!


Mrs Davis is our teacher and Catherine is our classroom assistant. 

We are a mixed year 5 and 6 class, and there are 14 of us in our class this year. As the oldest children in the school, we have lots of responsibilities, especially the children in year 6.

In year 5 and 6 children receive homework on a Friday which is due the following Thursday. Children also have spellings on a Friday and times tables on a Thursday. PE is on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Our topic this term (Summer) is BATTLE OF BRITAIN. Year 5/6 will be swimming on Thursday afternoons too.

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5-and-6-letter(Summer term welcome letter)

timetable (Summer term Y5/6)

year-a-curriculum-coverage (Curriculum coverage for 2016/17 with year group divisions.)